Caffeinated: Day 4

I had coffee today at a local cafe/grocery store. It was good but to be honest nothing life-changing. I was short on time today, so today’s drawing is a little more “rustic”. Yes, the pencil lines are left in intentionally. There is absolutely no other reason. I also didn’t realize how hard it would be to draw ripped up paper – I’m definitely going to practice more in the future!

A small tangent/rant: why does non-dairy milk or lactose free milk always have to cost extra? I understand that it is more expensive for the stores to carry these milk substitutes, but it really sucks for people who can’t have dairy and are forced to pay more. Like myself. I was trying to be more frugal (as much as one can be while getting coffee everyday for a week), so I got my coffee black to-go, and I went home to add my own oat milk 😭

See you tomorrow for more C8H10N4O2 (chemical formula for caffeine molecules) ☕️

Caffeinated: Day 3

My exam is quickly approaching, and the nights of sleep deprivation become more frequent. Today, I decided to grab coffee at our university cafe. Ummm….Oat milk lattes. I really appreciate how the cafe is student-runned. Also, the prices are very affordable, and everything is compostable! In my drawing, I also thought I would start taking more interesting angles or composition of the coffee cups – aka. the cracked lid. No doubt drawing a perfect cylinder cup becomes boring after the first couple of times.

Until tomorrow’s caffeine trip – bye for now! ☕️

Caffeinated: Day 2

Day 2 of my coffee adventures, I went to America’s most trusty coffee chain – Starbucks! I don’t know what it says about my taste in coffee but I quite enjoy Starbucks espressos. I also didn’t realize a grande americano came with 3 shots of espressos?! Well. Guess who isn’t sleeping or napping for the rest of the day. I also must applaud Starbucks for their enticing reward system – who doesn’t love free coffee? Although, is it really free if we have to spend so much money before we get a free drink 🤔

Until tomorrow for more caffeination! ☕️

Caffeinated: Day 1

Senioritis is a true phenomenon, and it has been validated time and time again by countless students, myself included. In fact, it has its own definition on Google: “a supposed affliction of students in their final year of high school or college, characterized by a decline in motivation or performance.” Well, this is the final week of my final exams of my final classes of my final year of undergrad. Senioritis has plagued my house, indeed. To keep myself more motivated (and to be honest to help with my fatigue and severe sleep deprivation), I am challenging myself to get a different coffee order or to visit a different cafe everyday for the rest of the week. That means 7 cups of joes in 7 days, and I will be documenting them in quick doodles of course.

My first cup of coffee was from Balzacs, an Ontario-based coffee/cafe company. The americano I got was a bit more bitter than I liked it to be. Nonetheless, it was still an enjoyable cup of coffee. I just adored the aesthetic of their cafe and their yellow cups!

Until tomorrow for more caffeinated reviews – ☕️